Monday, March 23, 2009

A Rope Swing

Last year for Damaris' birthday, Abe had the idea of hanging a rope swing from a tree limb that hangs out over our drive. I was a bit leary at first, but after watching them carefully while they got the hang of it, I soon was comfortable with it. The girls love it when an adult will pull them way back as high as they can and send them sailing into the sky. Chloe particularly loves it!

I love it when I see one of them all by herself, swinging away. It's such a peaceful uplifting thing to do. I know, I've tried it out myself!
It was quite something when some friends of ours with 5 boys stopped in. The boys on the swing was an entirely different matter! I'm not sure "peaceful" is the word I'd use to describe it! They tried standing in the loop, with one foot, no less!
The expression you see on Abi's face is exactly what it looks like... A little "ohhhh"!

Come visit and try it out! You might have to wait in line!
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Coriander said...

Looks fun! I would love to take a turn!!