Saturday, October 30, 2010

Come Forth Gold

There is this grove of trees close to our house. Somehow I have never yet determined what species it is. I sure do enjoy them though!

They are gloriously gold right now. When the sun hits them in the evening, it creates such a glow.

These leaves, I believe, are from a tulip poplar.
When they caught my attention, and I snapped this picture, I did not realize that there were actually two leaves.

When my life is done
This is how I want to fall.
Two, better than one.
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More Fall Glory

Going up our drive...

Almost bare... a few leaves with a tenacious grip...

Home Sweet Home!

Today is your day.
Blaze your heart out, young maple,
It's your time to shine.

Thinning leaves create
Opportunity for sun
Light to penetrate.
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Fall Glory

Here are a few pictures I like, from this month. It has not been the most colorful fall on record, but I find I am enjoying individual trees more. Certain ones stand out, each with a glory all it's own.

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October Sunset

The evening of the 17th, we had the most beautiful sunset! Of course photos do not do it justice...

It changed so rapidly and varied so much from beginning to end.
Pictures taken from one moment to the next, were different. It's like a show going on, and if you look away, you miss part of it.
This show is one of a kind, never to be duplicated exactly the same way.

For some reason, it occured to me to wonder... What do the colors come from?
I can not remember ever hearing (or reading) anything about it.
What is the scientific explanation?

I love WHO colors it for us!

What a lovely way to say goodnight to a day!
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