Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This Place

For all you baby-wearing Moms out there...
When I first got my Ergo I did a little reading on the Ergo website. There were different suggestions about choosing the right baby carrier. One I noticed was to have your baby facing you so they can see your face. It helps keep them feeling secure. As I learned to use the carrier, I discovered that what made it work so well, was having the baby strapped quite tight to you. All at once as I was thinking about all these different features and the things I love about wearing my baby, I was struck by how it is an allegory. I just started writing out my heart and was shocked when I was done to realize it was like a poem! The last line even gave me a title.

This Place
Hold me tight, Lord,
As You carry me.
Strap me fast,
So we can move as one.
Do Your work, Lord,
Let me not be in Your way.
Just hold me tight, sweet Lord,
So I don't hinder You.
Secure within the circle of Your arms...
Laying my head on Your breast when I get weary...
Hearing Your heart beat...
Assures me all will be well.
Carry me facing You
So I can always look into Your face.
When life threatens or frightens
I can take my cue from Your expression.
Each moment that You pause from busy-ness
Encircle me with Your arms and snuggle me close.
You are my whole world and my existence.
My life depends on You.
Everything I can ever need or want
Is vouchsafed to me by my position to You
I am Your child, Abba.
I'm so glad You're carrying me.
So lash me tight, Lord.
Even so tight it takes my breath.
I only want to be identified in You.
Tighten the straps yet more
So I cannot move on my own.
I never want to move away from You.
Keep me always just this close.
I want Your breath upon my face...
Your kisses on my head.
Anoint me with Your presence...
Never let me leave this place.
Never heard of Ergo Baby carriers? Visit their website at: http://www.ergobabycarrier.com/252.html

Friday, November 21, 2008

Every Day

Come celebrate the living water that flows for you from an eternal spring.
You need not fear stagnation. You need only draw nearer... put your roots down deep, setle in, and be at home in My love. Then every day will be a new day. Every day you will wonder at the richness of life that has come to you by My grace. Every day you will watch eagerly for My sunrise, search eagerly for My presence in the mundane activities of your world. Every day you will know Me better, and every day you will want to know Me more.
Quote from "Longing for Love" by Ruth Senter

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drawing Near

I've been reading a book titled "Drawing Near" by John Bevere. This morning I'm in Chapter 4 : Passion For His Presence. He talks about peoples two reasons for seeking God. Seeking God for what He can do, or seeking Him for who He is.

He brings out how the children of Israel's pattern was they were "happy and thankful as long as God is doing what they want when they want it. Their core motivation is evidenced by their behavior and words under pressure; it's all about them. They elevate their desires over His heart or presence.

God told Moses he could lead this people into the promised land, which they'd waited for so long, and He'd even send a choice angel with them to drive out their enemies so the land could be secured; however, He (His presence) was not going! (Ex. 33:1-3)" He was fed up with their focus!

Hear Moses' reply... "If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here. (Ex. 33:15)"

Page 1: "There is a call---no, a cry---coming from the Heart of God and with each passing day it's intensity increases: "Why are you satisfied without My presence; why do you remain distant when you could have intimacy with Me?"

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

Page 7: " It seems to be God's pattern to make a step toward us, and if we respond, He takes another and draws close. If we don't respond He does not push His way in, or cut in on our dance per se." End of Qotes

Somehow it seems we are so thick-headed about who God is and what He longs for from us!Today let's all open our eyes to see and our ears to listen as He wants to reveal His heart to us! To the possible cliff or valley just over the top of our curent hill, that we didn't foresee, expect Him to astonish You!

Abe left me a note this morning to read Psalm 147: 7-11. I'll close with that.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bow Season in Ohio

Here's my husband Abraham (Abe) with a buck he shot a week ago with a crossbow,
right here where we live. He was pleased
'cause somehow he's never managed to get this
big of one before! He doesn't spend much time
hunting...honestly he's more of a farmer at heart!
(We are pretty partial to the beef we raise. He
knows how to grill a great steak!)

This is a picture of a well Harvey
and Monica had dug at their property.
It turned out to be artesian! It was a
problem at first but the driller got it
under control!

Notice Monica's pregnant tummy.
Harv was calling her his little sausage!
This was about a week before Lara came!
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Lara Danielle

I am pleased to introduce my newest niece, Lara Danielle! She was born at home to Harvey and Monica and her brother Alex (6 yrs.) on Nov. 14, 2008 at 11:42 p.m., weighing 9 lbs. & 8 oz. and measuring 21.5 inches long. Isn't she a doll!

Monica and Alex and Lara, not yet 24 hours old!

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Front View

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That's all for this week!

This is how it looks when we quit on Thursday evening. Abe's sisters left Thursday morning. Joe and Oscar had another job for Friday and the weather turned colder and we got rain. All these stones come from fields that Abe farms. They have to be picked up before seeding in new crops. We like natural things so this felt like a great way to "get two birds (jobs) with one stone". I really enjoy picking up stone and also to help find the right shaped rock for the ones laying. It's like a cross between art and putting together a puzzle. I wish each of you could come spend a day! The house in real life looks likes when it's done we shall feel as "snug as a bug in a rug".
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5th Day Laying Stone

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Left to Right going uphill: Jan, Tash and Mari with Oscar watching and Joe up by the garage.
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Stone Laying

We started laying stone on the house October 31, 2008. Abe's sisters, Natasha, Jan and Mariela were here from N. Carolina for a week. They have layed stone before. This is Abe and Jan smoothing the grout. This is by the french door coming out the family room in the basement.
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October 26, 2008

October 26, 2008 Our mobile home was moved out, taken down the hill on it's way to Coshocton County and it's new owners. They are getting married Nov. 29 and this will be their starting place. A remote control dozer type machine was what they used. It was very interesting and was done with no mishaps, even though it was taken down quite a hill. It was an emotional day for me. This is where all our girls were born... the only earthly home Carolie ever had. God, I am so grateful for all You sheltered us through the 10 & 3/4 years we lived within those walls. Thank You for Your faithfullness to us.
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Mom and Abigail... She loves Gramma!
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Psalm 33:5 The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord!
This is the fall display God arranged for us to enjoy out
our living room window!
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Chloe & Hadassah

Here's a picture Damaris must have taken. I thought it was a sweet close-up to include. Chloe is going to be four in December. She is in a stage of having trouble making decisions like what to wear. She has a bit of a hard time choosing to be happy when things don't go her way. (God, please help me to choose You always and convey the joy and contentment You bring when we obey and discover how wonderful You are!) She is a real ray of sunshine once she does.
Hadassah just turned six. She is in the beginning stages of learning to read. She is quite a thinker and asks thoughtful questions. Like when we watch a movie, she really follows the story line and anticipates what is coming next. She's very tender-hearted. This last week she was real sick with a chest cold, straining real hard to breathe, it was so tight. We had one very rough night. She's fine again, Thank You, Lord!
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