Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Little of This and That...

The other day, I was getting out a cookbook and in that moment, I realized something. The cupboard where my cookbooks are kept is right above the countertop where I usually lay it open. It's to the left of my stove and no bigger than my cookbook, laid open. It is handy, about one step from where I mix things up, but out of the way of splatters, etc. It just "sunk in" how nice that is, and how much I like it. It never occurred to me before.
Next thing I knew, I was wondering how many other simple things there are, like that, that I enjoy without stopping to really savor. Daily, ordinary things, that due to their regularity, I do without thinking... So...I started thinking it over.
I love the smell when I roast corn and grind it. Especially this time of year when it's fresh from the earth...

I love the feel of my teeth, freshly brushed or after you've just eaten an apple...
Of course, clean crisp sheets are delicious to a tired body at the end of a full day!
A hot shower (especially in our huge walk-in-shower)...
I love evening lighting...

I love to eavesdrop on my girls... usually entertaining and sometimes quite informative! :)
Watching my girls savor... (def.: to give oneself to the enjoyment of; to savor the best in life)
Children do a lot of savoring!

There are lots of "littles" that come to mind, and once you are aware, it's like your whole day is stitched together with pleasure...
"We have this moment, to hold in our hands, and to touch, as it slips thru' our fingers like sand..."
Or like water under a bridge.
I want to at least savor the feel, scent and look of it all! No day is ever exactly the same.

I'm so glad of what is sure...
His mercies are new every morning!
Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Harvest Time!

The corn is finally ready to harvest, if a bit on the damp side yet.The girls like to have a turn at riding in the combine...

...but the real fun is playing in the corn!!!

When I was a kid, my Dad raised wheat and we played in truckloads of wheat. Did you know if you chew a handful of wheat, it makes wheat gum? Anyway, these girls of ours think this is great fun! I'm so glad they get to do it... it's the closest thing to my memories of playing in wheat..

Interesting fact that I didn't learn till this year:
You know the corn silk on an ear of corn? Each silk is like an umbilical cord for a kernel of corn. If "a" silk does not get pollinated it does not make a kernel. That's why sometimes there are what looks to me like "missing teeth" (kernels) on some ears of corn! Isn't that amazing! It's hard to believe all the perfect ears when you think of it that way... (the pollen comes from the tassels on top). I am in awe!
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