Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Rental Pictures

#1: See the porch thing off the basement? It's hard to describe. The clothesline is to the left of Mom. Great volleyball possibilities, not?!
#2: The grape arbor and the clothesline goes down from there, the white post. #3: The garden (to the right/east of the grape arbor)
#4: The back of the house... the window to the right of the door would be the bathroom one, the far right is the laundry. The window to the left is the office and the far left is the bedroom.
#1: Bad pic of the cellar room #2: Boys, I think this is for you - the great "tan" throne. Just pull that curtain shut and ... well, you know!
#3: There are a number of little shelf things like this in the basement. I noticed the shop light above it. Each one could have a little "project station". #4: is the wood furnace, pretty new too! This is for Shane!
#1: This is the basement porch, needs some fresh paint, bet it stays fairly cool in the summer... I don't know if the swing thing stays but the kids made themselves at home. Better get used to it! Alex even found a funny hat of former renters! #3 is a scene from the back yard and #4 is just my sweetie!
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Coriander said...

Looks nice! Do you know if they are going to take it? How excited you must be to have another sister close! I am so jealous :-) but am happy for you too!