Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer is Here!

Summer seems to finally be here! It's official now, because we've tasted it!
Abe's brother John, each summer, runs a little roadside produce stand along State Route 39. We have a little piece of property that is easy access, so it works out good. Growing or selling produce is what the Mast family grew up doing, so it's kind of in their blood, so to speak. (Abe's Dad and two other of his brothers also sell produce, only in North Carolina.)
Anyway, we like to help out when the need, or opportunity, arises. My Mom watches the stand for Johnny off and on thru the week. My sis, Paula, and her kids help as needed, too. Last week we went down to help unload a load fresh in from South Carolina. Oh, those peaches!!! Picked tree ripe the morning before... and I do mean tree ripe!!! After helping unload watermelons and cantelope, when my back was turned, Uncle Johnny was endearing himself to my girls! Abigail had streams of juice all the way to her toes! She hasn't figured out the need to lean out!

Chloe tells me she "especially likes the skin".

Due to modern methods of doing laundry, we didn't even end up with any stains!

Devereaux (John's son, age 6) ate peaches straight time!
The kids all love hanging out down there. There is a spring where water runs year round out of the bank. There are crawdads to be found... Damaris really likes helping with the customers. Hopefully helping out there will give opportunity to learn making change, handling money, being less shy, etc. She also likes to refill displays, which is a big help when it gets busy.
If you live in Holmes County, Ohio, this is just east of West Holmes High School. Stop by and sample a melon...or a peach!
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