Sunday, June 14, 2009

My "Produce"

It is interesting to see how each one's interests develope, how they grow... What will my little garden grow into? A red pepper is much sweeter that a green one, why woudn't it be?! It is riper! What is God's plan to "ripen" me into? And each one of these children?...I trust He will equip each of them for what He has in store.
We didn't bring chairs along to the produce stand, but watermelons worked nicely for the little ones!

Like I previously said, Devereaux really likes the peaches! Damaris likes to read!

This picture reflects each one... Chloe and Abi love the fine dust on the hard packed dirt. They scooped it into piles, sifted it between their fingers, and generally got dirty. Hadassah made daisy chains, Damaris read, Devereaux...ate! :)

A gift from one of my girls...

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Coriander said...

Wish we lived closer! I would love to go to your produce stand! Looks like a good one. The kids are so cute.