Sunday, June 14, 2009

Six Year Old Creativity

What does one do with paper, glue, straws, scissors, a hole punch and miniature bricks...

Why, make a fruit stand, of course!

Recently while in a Goodwill store, we added to our Little Peoples collection. The girls call this one "Farmer Girl". It came with a barn and horses and these baskets of apples, carrots, etc. I suggested they could have a fruit stand, never knowing that Hadassah would take it quite seriously. Later she told me what she figured out she needed to "make" her fruit stand. The day we helped at the real produce stand, she was anxious to get home and make it. Here's what she came up with, all on her own!
We have these miniature bricks...and straws worked quite nicely for poles. She punched holes in the paper on all 4 corners, but had to figure out a way to keep the paper from sliding down...

More paper and a glue stick solved that...

Now "Farmer Girl" has a place to display her wares, thanks to Hadassah!
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