Saturday, May 9, 2009

Never-ending Journey

As I was thinking of doing a post for Mother's Day, I heard this chorus playing on my sound system...

"It's a never-ending journey, to learn to love the way that You love me."

It seemed to epitomize the essence of motherhood.

I pulled up some pictures of special moments as a mother, from the past. This one was shortly after Abigail was born.

I highly treasure this picture...Damaris took it. I always wanted a picture of nursing my babies, from my point of view. I didn't coach her or even remember her taking it, but it was there on my camera! A special gift...

A lapful...and a heartful!

Hadassah...resting in the smile of God! This kind of light always makes me think of our Father smiling on us...

Many wonderful things can be said for mothers and about motherhood.
I thank God for mine.

Happiest of Mother's Days to each of you!
May you "walk in the smile of God" all through the day!
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