Saturday, May 23, 2009

Congratulations to the new Mama!

Until very recently, "Fluffy" was a "he".
As one of many kittens I had in mind this one was a "he". I never bothered to confirm if my memory was accurate or not... he got fatter and fatter recently and seemed to lay around a lot. One day, my niece LaCaysha informed me he's a "she"!
Being very tame and liking the garage, and sneaking into the house whenever possible, we were hoping this batch of kittens would be found early on. You see, we have another mother that has hers hidden very well! Weeks go by and we still can't find them! She's smart because we live in the woods and racoon are on the prowl.
Yesterday morning I stepped out the door and was just standing there when I noticed quite loud purring, like you would hear when a cat is right at your feet. Sure enough, just a few few feet away in the corner behind a bucket was Fluffy with kittens! I roused Damaris who then roused the rest of the girls.
We determined there were at least, four! "Goody, one for each, they said!"
While they were watching, here came another one!

The girls can't remember ever seeing kittens this small! They are usually hidden too long and are then also very hard to tame.

The girls already have decided whose is whose and they have been graced with names. It's interesting to see how there is an immediate attraction to a certain one.
I am not particularly excited about what we will do with all these cats when they are grown. We have four right now, plus a hidden batch + the new five, which equals too many!
But...every little girl needs to experience kittens, as much as possible. There will be a way.

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