Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Pleasures = Haiku

Days like we are having, loaded with spring's unique bounty, are awe-inspiring.
Haiku material, for sure!

White catches the light
On a rain darkened morning.
Dogwood blossom shine.

Still, your quality.
Gentle nourishment falling,
Drowning seeds to life.

The girls spent a couple days mothering a wild baby bunny. Such a precious little creature... I never saw it close it's eyes. Damaris said she saw it blink once.

Some bunny loves some bunny...

I love the expression in the hands... a picture really is worth a thousand words!

I love morning. Since living in our house, where we have big windows up at tree level, I have been made aware of the life in the trees I have been living sheltered under, all this time.

Every morning You
Practice the art of stillness.
Leaves are evidence.

You start with quiet.
Orchestrated crescendo
Is the day You make.

Bird in flight, cheerful
Example of freedom's yoke,
Shout your song to me.

I give you freedom.
'Tis a weighty thing to give,
Paid with blood, sweat, tears.

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