Monday, May 10, 2010

Dogwood Fascination

When we first moved onto our property, there was this puny little dogwood tree right behind our mobile home. It did not get it's fair share of sun, being towered over by much grander relations. Abe didn't think it was going to survive. It had no strength to produce flowers.
Over time, with the removal of other trees and more sun for it's nourishment, it gradually came into it's own. I feel like I have been privileged to watch it's journey and hopefully share in the growth. The birds love it. It is typically loaded with blooms. They start out quite small and green, fading to yellow, then white. As they grow they increase in size and whiteness. The blossoms eventually produce red berries that the birds love.
One year on my birthday, Abe got me a huge wind chime. I had been wanting one, but had no clue where to hang one. The best part of the gift was that he hung it in the dogwood...
What was once hardly noticeable, in our back yard, is now gloriously evident in our front yard. I think it's typical of God.

If I were a bird
I would choose your canopy
To find rest under.
If I were a bee
I would choose your sweet blossoms
To sip nectar from.

Since I am myself
I will simply enjoy you,
Revel in Your gift.
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