Monday, April 5, 2010

The Power of the Period

For some reason lately, I have been noticing that when I am writing something, anything, I seem to be choosing to use a period where once I would have used an exclamation mark.
One might think that maybe it's because I'm growing old and dull, but I really don't feel that way...
Rather, it feels like I am getting more of a foundation under what I think and feel. I feel more comfortable with stating something. It might be that I am learning some things with my heart, that I have believed with my mind for a long time.
I really do enjoy words. They are like puzzle pieces, to take up and consider and ponder, before one decides which one fits the best... which one is the best vehicle to carry the thought, that I am struggling to capture adequately in words. It's funny to think how once a puzzle is put together, it's not a "puzzle" any more. :) A word fitly spoken, to me is a thing of beauty.
Punctuation has always seemed pretty basic to me, just a necessity. I am coming to appreciate the power of the period.
I recently read a quote (by F. F. Bruce) that really stuck with me.
"God's peace is joy resting.
His joy is peace dancing."
An exclamation mark is what we would expect to use to transmit our joy, excitement, or happiness.
As I am learning what "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" means, I am finding that that liberty is very close kin with the true Sabbath rest. True joy and peace, which seem like opposites, are in fact not. They are bound up in each other. So is the justice that God loves and His tender mercy. The one does not drain the other, it only adds to.
Using a period does not deny the joy, in a statement. It sometimes takes it deeper. It puts an "I mean it" to the statement.
I am intrigued to see what all of God's "periods" say to me, as I begin to take note of them. Where they might take me in my journey.

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