Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some Summer Ramblings

Well, I guess I am only posting here seasonally, so here goes for a bit of a summer post. It has been a hot dry summer, with less rain than we've seen in a long time! Today was a lovely reprieve, with just under an inch of rain with hopefully more to come tonight. Experiencing a drought brings new meaning to "the water of  life".
JULY - month of death and life for me.
July 6,1999 saw us burying our firstborn beloved daughter. It was an extremely hot humid day, and as we were letting her go, it began to rain. We had the sense that a seed was being planted and God would bring fruit forth from the seed... we know not how.
Twelve years and four daughters later, it became a day of joy at the birth of our son.
One more year rolls by to bring us to now, and it is quite something to feel, to live that day.


I can't tell you how God does what He does. It is, for the most part, a wordless thing to me.
All I can do is invite you to give all to Him, broken dreams, shattered hearts, you name it... and just wait and see what He does with it. One day we will know, even as we are known.
In the meantime, I have decided that it's really not my responsibility to try to get anyone to understand something I know or feel. It would be second hand, anyway! The best route to knowing Him is via your own relationship with Him.
Look for Him to meet you right where you are at, but don't expect to stay there.
You will find yourself on the ride of your life! Just be sure to leave Him in the driver's seat and try not to be a back-seat driver -just relax and enjoy the ride. You are in the best hands, that have born all for you.

Wishing each one the water of life in these summer days...
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