Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Cleaning

   It's been a long while since I shared anything here. It has been a season full of learning, and I hope growing. We enjoyed a very mild winter and our days are now filled with the business of spring... bottle-feeding baby calves, watching baby goats cavort and play, picking (or receiving) bouquets of anything blooming (be they weeds or flowers), cleaning up the yard, making room for new growth.
   Is there room for new growth in your life? Is it springtime in your heart?
   I have been very refreshed lately in discovering more areas in my mind and heart that need renewing, and in the recognition, the renewing begins!

I am so glad that "we are not our own, we are bought with a price"!
We can soar free above the sins and weights which so easily beset us, and be changed, even into the very image of Christ!
The last few days I have been wondering...
What do we really want out of life? Can you identify your #1 desire?
What do you want, that you don't experience? What are you most dissatisfied about?

When we go to a medical doctor with an illness, we don't open up our life to him and tell him all of the things that are normal. No, we have to share what is wrong.
Do we do that with our Great Physician? Open our life up to Him to diagnose?
There is none safer to open up to, not one with more compassion and understanding for the ills that beset us.
Are we like a child who fears the tweezers that would gently remove the thorn?

I think we barely begin to understand what manner of God it is that we claim to believe in.
Someone recently asked me, "What do you think this world would be like if we "literally" believed in God?"
Think about it...

What daily difference is there in your life, "because He lives"?
Our belief in Him must be good for something.
What is it useful for, to you?
I guess I have been thinking a lot about things that we know in our heads, things that have been programmed in, and how that can actually have very little to do with "living, and moving, and having our being in Him".
Do we know what "abundant life" feels like?

It's what He came that we might have.
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christa jean said...

So very good. Every single word.

Just as Jesus could do little in his hometown due to their unbelief, little can be done in our lives where unbelief dwells.

Unbelief is a choker of all new life.

Isn't that what our children teach us daily? Faith like a child.

Bless you!

Jerry said...

Hey, I appreciated your thoughts. They helped me reflect about what is MOST important about my relationship with Father. I think for me simply that He said He'd always be with us and walk with us through everything... that has been a peace giver. And that it is all in His hands, not ours. I don't want that kind of stressful responsibility because it's just too much for me to handle. Day by day, step by step, in His steps is where I want to walk, not off on my own getting lost.
Thanks for your blog... I have enjoyed reading the things you've written.