Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Being Re-Made

We just had the unique experience of hosting, at first, a couple little green worms. I figure they came in on some produce. When we first noticed them, one was on a root beer bottle, and was such a benign little thing that we weren't motivated to put it outside. The next morning the girls discovered, to their excitement, that there was a chrysalis in it's place.

Before I got around to searching the internet to learn a bit about this little fellow, which we checked on frequently, we discovered the empty little shell. I would say it was approximately a week and a half.
In his new form, he sat for some time, maybe half the day.

I could not tell you in words the feelings that went through me that evening when all at once I saw him flying up by the chandelier in our dining room, the highest heights he could find.

One of my daughters said to me, "Isn't it neat that God made caterpillars to not always have to be fat and crawling?"

We are being re-made.

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