Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year = New Mercies

Happy New Year to all of our friends and family!
2011 was full of the faithfulness of God to us! I am grateful for so much!
It was a full year, each season's busy-ness somehow eclipsing the one preceeding it.

The best gift in 2011 was this little man... He continues to grow, healthy and developing at a rapid rate. He is sitting up now, and finally rolled from back to front the other day. He is full of smiles still, and will laugh when coaxed. His sleeps habits are great! I am so glad he seems to do quite well with people/crowds. The month of December was especially full!

Chloe and Hadassah put on a clown show for us one evening last week. They seemed to have the right idea as to how to go about it... exaggerated movements and all! These two share a room and are never far from one another.

Damaris contiues to love taking piano lessons. She is just finishing up Alfred's Basic Piano Library Level 4. She is frequently to be seen in her corner at the keyboard. Her teacher is going to winter in Florida for the next two months, so we may look for someone to fill in. She does have plenty to practice and needs no prodding to do so.

Abi loves Bubby (as he is frequently called). Every morning she comes and wants to snuggle with him.
Today is the first day that it really feels like winter... cold, and snowflakes in the air almost all day, and it is sticking!
Stay warm everyone! Most of all, may our hearts be warmed by the spirit of Christ Jesus dwelling there!
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