Monday, May 10, 2010

Dandelions & "Someone Else"

"Someone else!" her heart did cry.
"This should not be mine to bear.
The ridicule, the scorn, indifference,
Responsibility and blame,
Should be someone else's game."

She longs for someone else
To bear the brunt, remove the scrutiny.
"Why should I be singled out?"

("Someone else!" He must have cried. "Remove this cup from me!")
Someone else, to step up to the plate.
"Someone else" will seal your fate.
Life will pass you while you wait
For someone else.

"From the throngs that crowd life's lanes,
I have selected you.
Not someone else."

(He still looks for someone else, with whom to share His life.)
Someone else! I know this cry.
I've heard it in my heart.
Surely there is someone else
Who's not afraid to die!
Some One else - He steps right up.
"I'll be the first.
I'll be the way.
I am the Truth and Life.
I'll be your "Some One Else"."

Let me be like a dandelion that is blown by the wind, wherever it listeth. Soft, and susceptible to the tiniest puff of Your breath.
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