Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This Place

For all you baby-wearing Moms out there...
When I first got my Ergo I did a little reading on the Ergo website. There were different suggestions about choosing the right baby carrier. One I noticed was to have your baby facing you so they can see your face. It helps keep them feeling secure. As I learned to use the carrier, I discovered that what made it work so well, was having the baby strapped quite tight to you. All at once as I was thinking about all these different features and the things I love about wearing my baby, I was struck by how it is an allegory. I just started writing out my heart and was shocked when I was done to realize it was like a poem! The last line even gave me a title.

This Place
Hold me tight, Lord,
As You carry me.
Strap me fast,
So we can move as one.
Do Your work, Lord,
Let me not be in Your way.
Just hold me tight, sweet Lord,
So I don't hinder You.
Secure within the circle of Your arms...
Laying my head on Your breast when I get weary...
Hearing Your heart beat...
Assures me all will be well.
Carry me facing You
So I can always look into Your face.
When life threatens or frightens
I can take my cue from Your expression.
Each moment that You pause from busy-ness
Encircle me with Your arms and snuggle me close.
You are my whole world and my existence.
My life depends on You.
Everything I can ever need or want
Is vouchsafed to me by my position to You
I am Your child, Abba.
I'm so glad You're carrying me.
So lash me tight, Lord.
Even so tight it takes my breath.
I only want to be identified in You.
Tighten the straps yet more
So I cannot move on my own.
I never want to move away from You.
Keep me always just this close.
I want Your breath upon my face...
Your kisses on my head.
Anoint me with Your presence...
Never let me leave this place.
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Amber said...

I love that - especially when you can use "babywearing" as an analogy. It makes it more real :-)