Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drawing Near

I've been reading a book titled "Drawing Near" by John Bevere. This morning I'm in Chapter 4 : Passion For His Presence. He talks about peoples two reasons for seeking God. Seeking God for what He can do, or seeking Him for who He is.

He brings out how the children of Israel's pattern was they were "happy and thankful as long as God is doing what they want when they want it. Their core motivation is evidenced by their behavior and words under pressure; it's all about them. They elevate their desires over His heart or presence.

God told Moses he could lead this people into the promised land, which they'd waited for so long, and He'd even send a choice angel with them to drive out their enemies so the land could be secured; however, He (His presence) was not going! (Ex. 33:1-3)" He was fed up with their focus!

Hear Moses' reply... "If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here. (Ex. 33:15)"

Page 1: "There is a call---no, a cry---coming from the Heart of God and with each passing day it's intensity increases: "Why are you satisfied without My presence; why do you remain distant when you could have intimacy with Me?"

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

Page 7: " It seems to be God's pattern to make a step toward us, and if we respond, He takes another and draws close. If we don't respond He does not push His way in, or cut in on our dance per se." End of Qotes

Somehow it seems we are so thick-headed about who God is and what He longs for from us!Today let's all open our eyes to see and our ears to listen as He wants to reveal His heart to us! To the possible cliff or valley just over the top of our curent hill, that we didn't foresee, expect Him to astonish You!

Abe left me a note this morning to read Psalm 147: 7-11. I'll close with that.

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Amber said...

Great post! I am anxious to read the book now :-) How true the author (and your)words are and how often I myself have looked at God for what He could do for me. I am always amazed over and over again at what He does in my life when I fix my eyes on Him and willingly and happily let Him do His will in my life. I have experienced Him changed my heart completely and it is awesome. Great verses too - how neat to think that the God of the universe DELIGHTS in us (of course we need to fear Him and put our hope in Him - but then again that isn't too hard because what other hope is there and who wouldn't fear all that He is and can do) :-)
This is really fun to be able to connect with you and peak into your life (and heart) :-) - thanks for sharing!