Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chloe & Hadassah

Here's a picture Damaris must have taken. I thought it was a sweet close-up to include. Chloe is going to be four in December. She is in a stage of having trouble making decisions like what to wear. She has a bit of a hard time choosing to be happy when things don't go her way. (God, please help me to choose You always and convey the joy and contentment You bring when we obey and discover how wonderful You are!) She is a real ray of sunshine once she does.
Hadassah just turned six. She is in the beginning stages of learning to read. She is quite a thinker and asks thoughtful questions. Like when we watch a movie, she really follows the story line and anticipates what is coming next. She's very tender-hearted. This last week she was real sick with a chest cold, straining real hard to breathe, it was so tight. We had one very rough night. She's fine again, Thank You, Lord!
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Coriander said...

Lovely girls! This is so fun - being able to see your world!