Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Vision

The creativity that went into this flower causes me to stop and contemplate...
People who create anything, whether it be a tasty meal or an object of art, usually have a goal in mind. Something they are trying to say, or portray... something that has significance to them, that they wish to communicate to, or share with, those around them.
Creativity comes from cannot be conjurred up.
Behind true creativity, I believe there is vision.

It requires inspiration to capture emotion in painting a picture, etc.
If that is required to put on paper a replica of something that already exists,
how much more inspiration (or) vision, did it take to make the original?
Can you imagine the joy and satisfaction experienced in creating a flower like this?!
To set up the process in which a flower buds and grows to full flower?

I have been thinking lately about this statement:


I see many lives that are evidence that this is a fact.
Some folks live their whole lives like sleep-walkers, just going thru the motions.
No vision.

Then there are those that scorn the sleep-walkers, knowing enough to know that this is no way to live.
Still no vision.

You can fill your days with deciding, most determinedly, just what your life will NOT be about.
Yet still no vision...
Still perishing on the inside...

It's not that hard to decide what you don't believe in.
It's all too easy to curse the darkness.
No vision.

Even trying to "go light your world" somehow doesn't cut it.
Your light is too weak, too feeble to be effectual.
The problem is too big for you.
The darkness is too dark for you.
No vision.

The Creator that created the flower, and us, has vision.
His creations are imbued with life and light.
They effect us, because they are meant to.
There is vision and purpose behind everything.
We are made to have a vision, a purpose, to believe.

What do you believe?
Does your belief give you purpose?
Or does your unbelief darken your vision...

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