Monday, August 16, 2010

Pictureless Catch-Up Post!

I just noticed that my last post was in May! Help!! This whole summer has just been flying by! I have enjoyed less gardening and canning than last year, and a lot more "people".
Our computer was having some problems...getting slower and slower and then the browser wasn't working and I had so little time to address the problem I was just making do without it.
Thanks to my brother Justin, it is back in working order and we also upgraded our internet access so it is speedier than ever!
We had two young friends spend 2 & 1/2 weeks with us, from Columbus. That was fun! Victor is 14 and Mukami is 12. Mukami was born 6 weeks after Carolie, so having her here was like a taste of what it would be like if she was still with us. It was lovely and I'm grateful to Charity for sharing her children with us. Mukami was a great big sister to our girls. It did my heart good to watch them all together. She is such a sweetheart!
Victor gave the girls a glimpse of what it would be like to have a big brother. He was really good at tolerating all their "girl" play. They like to have wore him out one evening with all the piggy back rides he gave them! He hung out with Abe a lot too, doing the "guy" stuff, like hunting for groundhogs, farmin' and such. He has quite the humor, and kept me in stitches. Nephew Austin and he were quite the pair! They both have the same random funniness when you are least expecting it. The girls liked to tease them and call them "Austina Ballerina" and "Queen Victoria"! :)
Our next-door neighbors have welcomed us to use their outdoor swimming pool all we like, and since this has been the hottest, most humid summer I remember in a while, we have done just that! The girls have made good progress at learning to swim, and we are all a bit more tanned than we usually get.
We had a long-time friend, Lois, visit us from Canada for a few weeks. She split her time between my sisters and Mom and me. We tried to all hang out together as often as possible. Took her to Berlin to do a bit of the tourist thing... visit Heini's Cheese and taste the gazillion kinds of cheese they make... Oh, and let's not forget the fudge!
We also went a couple times to Mohican State Park with picnic food along and just spent hours. It's so beautiful there and the creek/river is warm and fun for all ages. Dropped by Landoll's Mohican Castle so she could see what she remembers hearing us talk about years ago... Memorable times!
Harvey (Abe's brother married to my sis Monica) put out a small field of produce this year. Since I have basically no garden this summer, I have hoed a little corn and pulled some weeds, and lately, picked watermelon and tomatoes, over there. Whoooeeee! There's a lot of tomatoes! I have been putting up some in various ways. I did some with green chilis to use in Mexican type dishes. I have some I need to work up tomorrow into spaghetti sauce. I have a bunch of yummy ingredients to work with and I feel a little like Remy in "Ratatouille"! I have no recipe I love, so I plan on winging it. I love how that kind of stuff makes the house smell!
Harvey and Monica went on a trip to Idaho to a family reunion. They will be gone a week. We entertained the thought of going, but ended up feeling like it wasn't the time for us. Maybe next time. While Harv's are gone, Mom and I are keeping an eye on the produce and of course the sweet corn was ready today. What was estimated to be about 10 dozen ears that should be ready, turned out to be more like 30 dozen! Many hands make work light, though! Between Mom and I and another friend, Christa, and my girls helping with the husking, and it is all in the freezer! We did what Monica needed, 10 pkgs. for me and also some for a neighbor. I still am persuaded that "Incredible" is the best sweet corn out there!!! New kinds keep coming along, but Incredible is my absolute favorite!!! (Needless to say, we ordered pizza for supper!)
This week is the fair! The girls are all excited about the prospect of helping tomorrow evening to dip and sell ice cream cones for The Dairy Boosters. Chloe and Abi were distressed about not being able to help, so Hadassah came up with the idea they could take their children's ice cream maker along to Grandma's and they could pretend to make and sell ice cream and Grandma could be their customer. What they don't know, is that Grandma is going to make some homemade ice cream and help their fun along a little bit! :)
Wednesday is the day they have a good deal on unlimited rides for kids, so we'll plan on pretty much spending the day there. If it is like it usually is, it should be incredibly hot! I remember the days when you have a baby in the baby carrier and the sun was so hot, you feel like your brains are surely about to the boiling point! :( Since my "baby" is rapidly heading towards 4 , it is much easier now! Today the weather was absolutely balmy... humidity way down and a cool breeze. Doing all that corn in the garage was so much more pleasant because of it!
Well, Abe went to the tractor pull at the fair tonight, which is why I'm on here. Kind of a guy thing, he says... but really he loves the fair 'cause he hangs out with the farmers in the beef barn, and checks out exactly how fat and prime the steers are (and how his measure up, or not), then with the farmers in the dairy barn, and with the neighbors in the pig, or sheep, or turkey, or whatever place. Then through the course of the evening, and successive evenings, he bumps into everyone in the county that he hasn't seen in a long time. (Probably since last year's fair!) A fair truly is a melting pot!
Anyway's, I am going to close this hoping you all have been enjoying your summers equally as much as I have! We just "have this moment to hold in our hands, and to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand"! I am really feelin' the sand thing for sure! Savor it all!
Goodnight all! - Janelle

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