Wednesday, August 25, 2010

15 Years!

Fifteen years of yesterdays ago, it was our wedding day... Time has flown by. It is incredible to think of who we were then, and who we are now. I wouldn't change us back... oh, yes, Abe had a bit more hair and I had a few less pounds... :) ... but in the things that matter, we are so much richer. Our feelings for each other have been tested, and have grown.
I like to think back and remember. We sang a song together at our wedding, and while I knew the words to be true then, I never knew it to the extent that I know it now. It goes like this:
"I could never promise you
On just my strength alone,
That all my life I'd care for you
And love you as my own.
I've never known the future,
I only see today.
Words that last a lifetime
Would be more than I could say.

But the love inside my heart today
Is more than mine alone.
It never changes, never fails,
It never seeks it's own.
And by the God who gives it,
Who lives in me and you,
I know the words I speak today
Are words I'm going to do.

So I stand before you now
For all to hear and see
And promise you in Jesus' name
The love He's given me.
And through the years on earth
And as eternity goes by
The life and love He's given us
Are never going to die."

I am so glad that the love of God never fails. I know it to be a sustaining power!
If the next 15 years are anything like the first 15, I will say it has been an amazing ride! The enormity of the volume of growth and change that I know has gone on inside of me is almost shocking for me to think about. And yet in some ways, nothing has changed. What I saw to be true then, what I knew I could depend on, is the same today. As life happens, what was once new and fresh and beautiful gets tested by the fire. It either emerges purified or proven false and better abandoned. On the other side of testing, it is stronger, more durable. A butterfly's wings harden and strengthen after it emerges from it's cocoon, making it ready to fly to places it only dreamed of, as a caterpillar.

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