Saturday, April 18, 2009

He is Risen Indeed!

Years ago, as a single girl, I worked for some folks who had a sheep farm, during lambing season. My primary job was to get up numerous times at night and check to see if all was well, and if not, to deal with it. Wonderful experience and something I'll never regret! Learning the ways of sheep was an education in itself, but the relationship that developed with my employer was what took the cake! I'm so glad for her and the impact she had on my life! Thank you, Pauline!
I am not here to tell you about my job, but to relate something she told me that I never forget.
She is Greek and from a Greek Orthodox Church background, which I know almost nothing about. She told me how it is their custom, from the Resurrection till Ascencion Day, for 40 days, to greet one another with "Christ is risen!" instead of the usual "hello" etc. The answering greeting was, "He is risen indeed!" (I know how to say it in Greek, just not spell it!)
Somehow hearing that had a huge impact on me... I could imagine how with shock and surprise and excitement that greeting was given and received, and the conversations that sprung from there!
Most of all, I began to question myself...
Does my life say "Christ is risen!"

Pauline had a question I heard her voice numerous times in conversation about christianity.
"Who is their Jesus, anyway!?!"
I never want to stop asking myself these questions. They have motivated me time and again to let the real Jesus into my life and let Him deal with the real me!
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