Thursday, February 5, 2009

Playing House

Recently I moved a lot of the girls toys up in the loft, out of their bedrooms. There is enough room up there that we set it up like a house. They have a kitchen area and living room and bedroom. It realy helped lower the volume of toy mess in their bedrooms. At first it was a real novelty and they played up there a lot, but then the newness wore off and they are on to new frontiers...

I love this picture of Chloe and Abi...
They are quite the pair! and love each other oh so much!
This picture was taken of them sitting on their little "couch". We made two of them, using sleeping bags and spare blankets.
That way it empties a closet shelf and the blankets are there where we would use them when company comes anyway!

Hadassah is quite an organizer. She outlines who does what and generally is full of ideas!
Her Daddy calls her his "little half-pint of sweet cider, all drunk up" like Laura Ingalls Wilder.
She's natured very like Laura...this fall after watching some episodes of "Little House on the Prairie" she figured out how to skip from watching Laura. Before that she hadn't got the hang of it. So cute to watch and I'm so glad for the feelings that make her want to skip!
Have we been "skipping" lately? I guess those feelings come when we cast our cares where they belong!

We set a crate on it's side and a little play stove sets on top. Under the cloth is where the play food is in a bin. We had these trays that came with wooden food that you can cut (velcro). I suggested that they could use the trays to serve and that started a whole new round of play. It was like they had a new toy!
This is a great picture of Damaris, very like her!
Recently we have been watching a bunch of old TV episodes of Daniel Boone. We all have been enjoying it. The theme song is getting memorized and it's pretty cute when we sing it, Abi really chimes in on "...big man...!"
"Daniel Boone was a man, yes a big man... with an eye like an eagle and as tall as a mountain was he...
From the coonskin cap on the top of ol' Dan to the heel of his rawhide shoes...
The rippin'est, roarin'est, fightin'est man the frontier ever knew..."
Anyway, it's a fun way to introduced American history. They portray Daniel Boone as being a real man of integrity. We all, being a "boyless" family, just love his little boy Israel. Too bad we can't bring him home!
Well, I'd better sign off here, it's late enough and this is long enough.

That's all for now, folks!
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