Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emmanuel - God with us!

The stable was the first place God dwelt with us in the flesh, because first things first.

A king was born one silent night,
Not in a castle, but out of sight
In a cobwebby stable that smelled of hay
God ushered in a brand new way.

He came as a babe, for as we all know,
To learn to obey is the way we should go.
He humbled Himself and came as a son
Who went on to be the Obedient One.

He says the humble shall hear
And the humble shall see.
Humble yourselves in the sight of Me.
I'm looking for room, in hearts, don't you see?
Please humble yourselves and dwell with Me.

Let's join Him in the manger...
The manner of His entrance into the world was known and orchestrated. It was not impromptu.
As He stepped into time, He was also conducting the orchestra of His life.
He chose every word and action to perfectly reflect His Father, and ours.
He did not dodge any aspect of difficulty that being a true son of His Father might give rise to. He was a man, in the truest sense of the title. He was also "God with us".
In order to experience His abundant life, we need to follow Him, and be in all points, as He is.
He was born into impossibilities... no room in the inn, a king set to kill him, appearing of not only doubtful, but shameful parentage.
May we surrender the "impossibilities" in our lives and hearts to Him, who is so able to turn dirges into dances, cold dark nights into bright sunny mornings, and all that is meant for evil into astonishing good!
May we know, in the deepest recesses of our hearts, just WHO our Saviour is.
May we grasp in an ever-deepening way, what "God with us" really means, experiencing it every day of our lives.
Happiest and most Blessed Christmas to each of you!

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