Saturday, October 30, 2010

Come Forth Gold

There is this grove of trees close to our house. Somehow I have never yet determined what species it is. I sure do enjoy them though!

They are gloriously gold right now. When the sun hits them in the evening, it creates such a glow.

These leaves, I believe, are from a tulip poplar.
When they caught my attention, and I snapped this picture, I did not realize that there were actually two leaves.

When my life is done
This is how I want to fall.
Two, better than one.
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Coriander said...

These are lovely pictures! I especially love the one with the single colored leaf. I am jealous of your fall colors as our fall is very muted. Very little changing color. What a beautiful world we are blessed to live in!

Janelle said...

Yes, I love the colors we get here. In Idaho we didn't have as much color either, but the evergreen trees kept the winter from being gray.
Here we have the glorious colors to soak up and enjoy prior to mostly gray winters. Last year we did get a large amount of snow, so the white outshone the gray. Loved that!
Do you have some green all year long, or how is it there?