Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Nights & Haiku

I was recently introduced to haiku. I find myself charmed. The dictionary definition reads like this: (hi' koo) a Japanese poem or verse form, consisting of 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, often about nature or a season.
I love words... how so much can be meant or understood or felt in a single word, and yet also how sometimes words are such inadequate means of conveying what you feel...
Sometimes a word feels so powerful, to use too many feels like it would detract. Less is more. Other times it seems like there are not enough words to express the magnitude! Hense the charm of the haiku.
The snow we have been getting this winter has been affecting me. It has stirred all kinds of thought and feeling. It feels a bit strange considering I grew up where snow was the norm in winter. I am left to conclude that it is where I am inside that is making the difference. I think my eyes are more open than they used to be, maybe my ears too.
So... here are a few haiku of my own...

Snow inspires, moves me
Another time, pace, embrace
Always rewires me

White night of snow light
Moon hides but snow refracts
Soft glow defeats dark

Make me white as snow
So I may reflect the light
You shine upon me

Utter darkness fails
To consume the night made light
By pure driven snow


Fraccion Trash said...

Love it!

Ergo Baby Carrier said...

Other times it seems like there are not enough words to express the magnitude

I know it happens a lot here too !

bekahe said...

Love the Haiku's:)