Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Neighbor

Last Sunday evening when we were strolling down the lane looking for (picking and eating!) wild black raspberries, all at once there arose such a clamor! "There's a nest!" The kids were about beside themselves. It's not even waist high from the ground. Not noticable except to the observant eye, it is in the brush on the bank right behind our mailbox.

About as big as my fist, it is amazing! We have been checking it regularly, ever since. Today was breezy and it swung and swayed. What a lovely cradle to grow up in!

Mostly crafted with grasses and plant fibers, you can tell a spider contributed (or should I say "gave up") it's handiwork.
There are three eggs, white with sparse brown speckles...

According to my bird book, it's a White Eyed Vireo. I have yet to learn whether this is the female or male, in residence. It seems to always be this one. Supposedly very shy, it lets us get up real close as long as we move slowly and quietly. We have no idea when the eggs were laid, or how long they set, so the due date will be a surprise!

Seeing this nest made me think of the Rich Mullins song that says something like this...
"Birds have nests, foxes have dens.
But the hope of the whole world rests on the shoulders of a homeless man..."
We hope to be able to keep catching pictures as this little family grows!
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Miriam said...

Goodmorning, Janelle It is truly amazing to see this little bird on it's nest. I love the white eyes as it watches us come close, blinking slowly, but trusts us to come quite near. Thanks for letting us know of your find. We are also enjoying the experience. Thanks for your faithfulness in allowing God to use you and walking with Him. It is a delight to know Him better. You have been an inspiration to me. One of your neighbours and friends, Miriam

Miriam said...

Yes, Janelle we have seen the little birds. The first sunday they had hatched we had taken our youth on a hay ride. We took them past the nest and stopped to show them the eggs and discovered the little birds. I want to bring the children down today with the 4 wheeler and take another peek.
Thankyou for your call yesterday. I had seen resolved to worship's update on the drought and was extremely blessed. let us continue to seek Him . Have a wonderful day, Miriam